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Great #BeingSingleMeans Tweets that Show Singledom Doesn't Suck

When #BeingSingleMeans started trending on twitter, I knew there had to be something in it for me. I've been single for over two years, but I still learned a lot of what I can appreciate about being single. Namely, we don't have to worry about food security for pizza or french fries. I definitely think it's good to reflect from time to time on the positive in order to get through tough times. Although it's the internet, I really think it brought out the best in everyone. There weren't any put downs, and the people who shared the hard honest truth found understanding and commiseration. Way to go, tweeps!

If #beingsinglemeans not having to worry about pants or having endless space for naps, then we haven't really come that far since kindergarten. But, if that is the case who is going to design a playground for singles to meet?

1. At first glance, @Nitya seems to have everything she wants already.
Me: I don't need anyone. I'm single and ha…

How to Get In Shape On Your Own

Let's face it, starting a new workout regimen in the face of a divorce might be the last thing on your mind. But working out can boost your mood simply by elevating your endorphins.

There are a multitude of other benefits, and the truth is that all those quirky workout slogans really do help. So, whatever it takes to get over the initial excuses keeping you from the gym, trail, or class are worth making the effort. Pick a routine, stick with it for six weeks, and you will no doubt reap the benefits of being stronger, happier, and more clear minded! Here are the ways to commit and follow through with your goal of being in shape.

Join a Y

The best thing that ever happened to me was joining a YMCA. They are super generous with income based memberships or you can get a side job there and save a bunch on fees. The biggest benefit for me, hands down, is the on site child care. They're really accommodating and mostly friendly. When they're not 100% perfect, I'm just grateful my …

Overcoming FOBA

If FOMO affects all of us, then FOBA is a special case for single moms- Fear of Being Alone. It can kick in at restaurants, museums, family outings, or really anywhere. I had to start overcoming my FOBA even before I became a single mom because my ex worked weekends and generally went down his own path. The hardest place for me to get comfortable on my own was church. For many reasons, I found myself on the other side of religion and stubbornly kept myself out of the system. It wasn't until I was feeling so alone that being alone didn't matter any more and I decided to give it a shot. I looked for a sign and found it in a small church just a few miles from my old home. When I looked on the church's website, I saw that the nursery shared my daughter's name and that my 7th grade math teacher worked as the church administrator. Those silly synchronicities prompted me to give faith a chance, even if it meant sitting in the back and hiding my tearful eyes behind funeral sun…

Meet this Single Mom

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Raising kids as a single mom is fill in the blank. My life, as a single mom of three thriving young kids, is anything but ordinary. All that I strive for each day, though, is to achieve the ordinary. I left my marriage two and a half years ago with two children and one on the way, and although we have all grown so much since that point, we still have a long way to go. I'm optimistic and hopeful that we are on an upward trend. Only time will tell as we set goals and face new challenges each day.

The reason I'm setting this space aside for ramblings is because our journey is unique, but we are not alone. I've met countless other single moms setting out each day to do the best we can for our children. There is something about connecting on the level of having a fractured family that can truly unite any people. Sometimes things just won't resonate with us, and for that we reserve a lengthy eye-roll. What I generally find…