The Good Things

i lost a tush

When I was a stay at home Mom, I felt lonely a lot. I remember the moment I would encounter another adult and elude sincere happiness that I just couldn't muster with my kids. It's not that my kids weren't enough or that they didn't make me happy, it was that they didn't validate me. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a fair weather parent. When things are going well and people tell me that, I feel great. When things go downhill, I take it deeply to heart. The thing I miss when I'm not with other adults is the laughter. I want to share the laughter with someone understanding.

The other night, my sweet daughter lost a tooth, and then she lost it. In order to prevent the onslaught of tears, we talked about how she could write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the situation. She sat at the table and asked me to prompt her with the letters, but I suggested she give it a try on her own to show her sincerity to the tooth fairy. Fast forward a few moments, and she presented me with a large envelope exclaiming, "I lost a TUSH!!!!" Of course I laughed. It was so cute and funny. That was a good thing. 

So there are good things in my life and I remember them. I feel like I've been getting a bit short sighted on my blog because I am so so fortunate to be the mom of these amazing girls. Even though it's the hardest thing I've ever done, it is the best, too. The next good thing? Picking up my girls. It's always the best because we're together. That's nice thing about having three girls. At least one of them is usually happy to see me, or genuinely kind, or bursting with excitement. 


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